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n00b alert!! Need help ^^;

I've been a lurker on this community for a while.
So this is my first time posting =D

I'm 22 years old, 5'0'', 50~52 kg with size 36 DD.
I've always been VERY self conscious of my breasts, because not only are they too big for my build, they are (don't know the correct medical term) very saggy. Too much for my age.
I also get back pains, and used to get scars from bras.
It's been my biggest insecurity ever since I was 13.
And I decided since I'm old enough to get it done, and that it's the only thing I've been 100% certain of, why not do it now?

But.....I'm a bit lost, and need some help >< 

My questions are:

1. Who is the best surgeon in L.A or the California area? (I live in Santa Barbara) I can't seem to find reviews ><.

2. How long do I need to be in town for? I'm leaving the country in 2 weeks or so.

3.Are there any ways to treat scarring? Wether it was laser treatment, or different procedures?

4.And is it true I won't be able to breast feed if I had it done?

Thank you guys so much, I just wanna say that this community was so helpful to me and I appreciate everyone for sharing their story and helping each other! 

Thank you again in advance ^^.
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