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Some advice needed please!

Hi guys, I need some advice please. I am 21, 5ft5 and a size 28HH, normally a uk dress size 10.
I have wanted a Breast reduction since I started puberty...ha 
I am currantly pregnant with my second child and I have been looking into having a breast reduction for a long time and feel after the birth of my second child this will be a good time to have it as me and my husband would like to wait a good 3-4 years till we have anymore children. A non pregnant me will normally have all the normal symptoms of having big boobs e.g back pain, muscle tension, general uncomfortableness and not to mention very low self esteem and very restricted in clothing. also my boobs are extremely saggy.

the advice I need is should I have the reduction when I have lost my baby weight (normally falls off me in the first couple of months) or should I wait until I have completed my family? Myself and my husband want about 5 children all spaced out and as I haven't even given birth to my second child should I wait as having another baby in a few years will reverse the procedure? I feel like I really need to do this for me but I was just wondering your opinions.
I cannot imagine going through another pregnancy with massive boobs they go up to a 30JJ and it huge for my size 10 frame! Your supposed to enjoy pregnancy but I hate every moment of it because I hate the way I look so much.

P.s I do not breastfeed and I am planning to go private. Thanks for all your help in advance xx
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