lillymp (lillymp) wrote in breastreduction,


Hey guys,

I'm a 24 yrs old I'm 4'9 and have a 34DDD and maybe bigger but I refuse to buy bigger bra sizes. I'm having surgery on 07/13/12 and I'm so nervous and scared. I want to know what to expect the day off and the days after. I'm still not certain what will be my exact size. Im afraid that this will be like a shock when I wake up. I have some questions maybe someone can help.

1. How long after can you take a shower?
2. How long is recovery?
3. Can I go back to a typing job after 2 weeks?
4. How is the process of the draining the blood?
5. How are the scars?
6. How many days will you need someone to take care of you?

Thank You in advance for your help.
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