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New here and in need of some help :(

I've been reading through many of the posts here and wanted to say it makes me so happy to hear about all the success stories. But it makes me wish even more I can get a breast reduction of my own someday! 

You see, I'm about to turn 19, I'm 5'3" and I have 30G breasts. I've been dreaming about a breast reduction for a long time. I had an eating disorder a few years back and I find my breasts very triggering. I am a healthy weight now though ~140 lbs. I'm pretty athletic and my boobs definitly inhibit what I am able to do.

I cant jog or skip or do any kind of vigorous exercise without my boobs chaffing, getting hot red and hurting. I have chronic shoulder and neck pain, and those dents in my shoulders. Every day I think about how I hate my breasts, how I wish they were smaller. I hunch because my back is weak (I'm trying to fix this with exercise) and I feel insecure when I try to stand up straigt because its like everyone is just staring at my chest. I feel like I'm in mental and physical pain every single day because of them. It really feels like a tremondous burden. 

What makes it worse, is I have very little support from my family. I asked my mom if she thought I could ever get a breast redcution. She said "no, they're not even big enough!" ;~;!!!

I don't understand, she's commented before on how huge they are. I think it might be because I wear loose tops and have wide hips, they seem more balanced or whatever...but still it really really hurts...every single day....I'm sure you ladies can sympathize with that. And my mom was always a B cup, maybe a C cup now so I don't think she can really understand...

Not to mention bras in my size can be so darn expenisve...I just wanna be able to wear a tiny cheap bra from wal-mart that will fit around my rib cage as well as breasts!!! Its like they don't realize you can have a small rib cage AND big boobs!

I just feel incredibly least my sister and boyfriend are finally more supportive. He used to tell me I should wait and just strengthen my back and it will be better...but because he sees I'm in so much chronic pain I think he understands. I do appreciate the massages from him as well. :)

But anyways, I just wanted to ask a few things, sorry for such a boring depressing rant.

1. How was the support you got from family, friends, etc. before you decided to get a breast reduction?

2. Does a 30G sound big enough to get covered by insurance? I know it can be hard getting it covered, but I checked my insurance company's policy on reconstructive breast reduction, and I meet the criteria, I just need approval from docs I guess? think with enough pestering I could get it covered?

3. Also, after looking through some before and afters online, it seems like most of the before pics were large pendulous breasts. My breasts dont hang that low. Their definitely not perky like tiny breasts, but I don't have a huge crease...they like protrude more so if that makes sense... I was wondering if this would effect my chances of getting approved for a breast reduction? 

4. If I was comfortable enough I would post a pic, but I just feel too insecure. If it really seems like I don't match the criteria for a breats reduction I'd like to know. I know I've heard of lots of ladies with other horrible symptoms...for me it is mostly postural, shoulder, neck pain, some headaches.

*Honestly I am so desperate for freedom from my breasts, I am willing to pay fully for it myself if I have to, although that would probably be all my savings. 

Sorry for such a long post...but thanks for reading anyway! I'm so glad I found this! :)
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