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breastreduction's Journal

breast reduction community
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This is a community for women who have had, are going to get, or want more information about breast reductions!

In this big-boob oriented society, getting smaller breasts can be very stressful. It can also be VERY rewarding as you are relieved from the physical pain of large breasts, and the annoyance of trying to find bras and clothing that fit and look good.

If you have already had this procedure and would like to share pictures, feel free! Please put any pictures behind an LJ cut tag for the sake of our members who read LJ at work, and also consider making your post Members only.

Just a note:
This is NOT a porn community! If you join just to look at boobies, you will probably be disappointed. I will also delete any posts I see as inappropriate or too far off-topic.

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Have fun!