psycho_lola (psycho_lola) wrote in breastreduction,

Hesitating to finally go for it...

I have posted here last year (I'm i'm not mistaken) about wondering if I would be covered or not. Well a lot of thoughts and have going through ever since.

To keep it short, I have a small build. A 32DD (when I work out during the summer I should be wearing more of a 30E) bra size, 5'6", and a weight which ranges from 110 to 117 lbs all year round.

I used to wear a 32F (going up to a 32G) back when I used to lurk around here at 15-16 years old, and was only dreaming of a reduction. Being that age though, I could not go for the surgery myself, and therefore had to wait to be of legal age (18 here in Quebec). I swear I used to COUNT the months remaining. When I stopped the Pill that I used to take to regulate my acne, Diane-35 (which I took for a year and a half), my breasts went down to a 32DD in about 6 months, and I lost 10 lbs. I was ecstatic, it was like a dream come true, my breasts went down in size WITHOUT surgery. Yet it was not really enough for me. Still, when I get in shape, I am very tiny but my breasts do not move at all. I feel like I look disproportionate (people give me at least 20 lbs more than I actually am because of that) and I can't have the look I truly want. Also, when I swell with bad PMS, I'm extremely uncomfortable, and have a bad posture. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it stays that way a bit longer then gets worse, then a few months later goes down a bit... then I feel relieved. But it never lasts.

I am just tired of having to feel this way and worry about it. I want the body and shape that I want, I don't want to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on different styles and sizes of bras (I'd like to pay for my schooling and my rent instead like everyone else I know!). I know I may be approved for my size and what I want to go down (I think in Quebec you are covered if it's 250g or more), but I may NOT be because there are women to have had pains that are way worse than what I have (it's light, only when I get the PMS or if I'm bloated). I'm at the point where I'd pay for it if I have to. I also have a loving and caring boyfriend who would help...

Yet I'm scared of what, I think, everyone goes through before a surgery. All the horror stories of going to sleep and never waking up, feeling all the pain during the procedure and not being able to do anything, or just plain dying from the procedure... It scares me, and is what is pulling me back I think, that and the money.

Any advice? Have you had a bad experience, or are these cases actually rare?
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